You Can Now Make Money On Your Online ‘Street Fighter IV’ Matches From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

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Street Fighter IV


If you’re a degenerate gambler AND a fan of Street Fighter games, you might be in luck. Virgin Gaming is adding support to Super Street Fighter IV to their cash for gaming slate. From Joystiq:

“Unlike before, when money would go straight into the arcade machine, Virgin’s platform puts the money in the winning player’s hands! Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players can participate in one-on-one matches with another player, or join a league of up to 32 other SSFIV players and compete for cash,” stated Virgin’s announcement.

It joins games like Madden and NBA 2K14 and becomes the first non-sports game you can play via the service. Joystiq notes that the announcement only applies to the PS3 and Xbox versions, leaving the PC version in a sort of gambling limbo.

As someone who prefers the PC version of a game nine times out of ten, I can’t imagine who would be playing Street Fighter on a PC. What poor, misguided soul has done this to themselves?

Also call me when they get Starcraft on the service. I have some Korean friends that need a reminder of what defeat tastes like. And I need to pay some student loans.

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