‘Street Fighter V’ Unveils A Returning Fighter And Teases Another In A New Trailer

So far Capcom has not been particularly forthcoming about which characters will appear in Street Fighter V. We’ve seen Ryu and Chun-Li and that’s it.

Well, Capcom has finally tore the wraps off a third fighter, and no, it’s not Ken, M. Bison, Sagat or any of the other classic Street Fighter characters you might expect. It isn’t even T. Hawk (dammit). No, it’s Charlie, the puffy-pantsed friend of Guile. The character has been out of action for quite some time, not appearing in a game since 1998’s Street Fighter Alpha 3.

The end of the trailer also pretty clearly teases the return of M. Bison, because Street Fighter ain’t Street Fighter without M. Bison.

What do you folks think about the return of Charlie? Any semi-obscure Street Fighter characters you’d rather see make a comeback?

via Eurogamer