Summon The, Uh, Witches: It’s The Honest Trailer For ‘The Witcher 3’

(NSFW for swearing and cartoon nudity)

“Get ready for the monster-hunter game Capcom wishes they made, as you take down griffins, trolls, and wraiths in epic, fun-to-play battles… after hours of tedious potion, oil, and spell preparation that’s as fun as making lightsaber noises at a spreadsheet.” That’s from the newest Honest Trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, perfectly summing up the game’s mechanics in just one sentence, while referencing lightsabers as an added bonus. Consider us dazzled.

Check it out above to be reminded of all the sights of The Witcher 3, from the epic mission to find a missing pan, to being creeped out by your teleporting demon horse, and (as Conan learned) boooobs…

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Via Smosh Games