‘The Big Blue’, A New Oceanic Adventure From The Makers Of ‘Ecco The Dolphin’ Sounds Suitably Insane

03.26.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

If you were one of those rare Genesis kids that actually bothered to play beyond the first couple levels of Ecco The Dolphin you know the game is completely goddamn insane. At first glance the Ecco games look like cute, undemanding games for kids, but in reality they’re balls-hard, completely bonkers stories involving aliens, time-travel and the lost city of Atlantis.

For years Ecco designer Ed Annunziata has been trying to buy Ecco back from Sega, but it seems Sega would rather the series stays dead, so instead Ed is trying to Kickstart The Big Blue a new “spiritual successor” to the Ecco series. Does The Big Blue carry on Ecco’s proud history of craziness? Oh, you bet your blowhole it does…

Here’s a basic story synopsis for The Big Blue — human beings have been wiped out, which causes a surge of “cetacean communication” in the ocean, essentially creating a cetacean Internet. This dolphin Interwebs not only takes Earth to its next level of evolution, but now dolphins can cast magic spells and even create life with their various clicks and chirps.

Now, that right there is some grade-A crazy.

In terms of actual gameplay, The Big Blue will involve collecting and spawning undersea creates you use to solve puzzles and complete quests…or something.

Want to help make Ed Annunziata’s slightly deranged dreams come true? The Big Blue’s Kickstarter page is right here.

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