The Brain Finally F*cking Loses It On Pinky In A Hilariously Childhood-Destroying Fan Clip

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Alternate video available HERE if the one above isn’t working.

It’s one of the eternal questions posed by Animaniacs: Why does the Brain put up with Pinky? Seriously, why does he even tolerate Pinky, let alone let him exist? And what would happen when the Brain had finally had enough and ripped Pinky a new one? Fortunately, this being the Internet, we finally have answers to these pressing questions.

Delivered courtesy of nostalgia expert Doug Walker, it’s pretty much the fan clip everybody who ever thought Pinky was an idiot dreams of. The casting helps considerably, although we’ll leave you to discover just what’s happening here.

Man, we almost feel bad for Pinky, here. This would be heart-wrenching, if he didn’t really have this one coming.