The First Picture Of ‘The Simpsons’ LEGO Is Groin-Grabbingly Transcendent (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Additional picture added below.

A picture of the first LEGO set to be based on The Simpsons has leaked, courtesy of Eurobricks commenter Carlos S. It turns out the set has 2523 pieces (!) including minifigs of the whole family and Ned Flanders. Stupid, sexy Flanders.

Here’s the front (UPDATE: and back) of the box:

That light which seems to be reflecting off the box is actually emanating, miraculously, from within. Apologies if your eyes can’t handle the shine.

Anyway, the entire house (and its car hole) opens up and it comes with the family car, Flanders’ BBQ grill, Bart’s skateboard and ramp, and all sorts of okely dokely accessories. This is going to be so expensive and so worth it.

Via Gizmodo and The Brick Fan.