"The Walking Dead" Season Finale: What'd You Think?

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03.19.12 19 Comments

Well, we were promised violence and bloodshed. And boy did the finale deliver.

We won’t get into spoilers, but we will say that we’ve been…tentative about this season. While the last three episodes have paid off pretty amazingly, the entire arc of the first half of the season seemed practically designed to make us hate Rick and think Shane, as douchey as he acted, was the voice of reason.

Not anymore, apparently. It’s become clear that the second season is really, in the end, all about how Rick turns from believing that humanity can make a comeback and the walkers are just temporary into accepting that nothing is going to be the same, full stop. When Rick cuts through the B.S. at the camp site, it’s welcome, to say the least.

We have complaints about the finale: Rick’s announcement of what he learned at the CDC was…kind of obvious. Also, we’re not sure introducing the character that they did is going to be a good idea for Season Three.

Still, after a season this uneven, Season 3 is looking better and better. We can’t wait.

How about you? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

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