‘The Wolverine’ Unsheathes An International Trailer (UPDATE: Now With US Trailer)

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03.27.13 12 Comments

Let’s see here: Motorcycle ninja fights, brooding, flying claw stabs… yep, this has pretty much everything we want out of a Wolverine movie.

After what feels like a bazillion different teasers, and yet another muddled marketing message, here’s the international trailer. Note to Shirtless Hugh Jackman hunters, that’s at 41 seconds. Also 49 seconds. And at 1:05. And at 1:46 to 1:52.

Damn, the dude just does not like shirts.

The overall thrust of the trailer seems to be that Wolverine is supposedly in Japan because some dude he saved from a bomb wants to thank him. That said some dude is dying and Wolverine suddenly loses his healing factor are, we’re sure, entirely unrelated.

But really, this movie will be about the fights and this movie hints at least three major setpieces, including Wolverine fighting ninjas, Wolverine fighting on top of a bullet train, and Wolverine fighting Viper. That skin-rip bit is hilariously gross.

The domestic trailer is supposed to drop later today, but if this movie’s marketing problems are any indication, that’ll feature all of the same footage but with some bad Photoshopping.

UPDATE: Here’s the domestic trailer, via CBM:

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