Thor’s Female Counterpart, Valkyrie, Was Almost In ‘Thor: The Dark World’

Thor has certainly received his share of screen time over the last few years, but what about Marvel’s female version of Thor? What about Valkyrie?

Introduced in the early 70s, Valkyrie is a Asgardian like Thor who leads an all-female team called the Valkyrior and is a frequent member of The Defenders. She’s played an enemy, ally and love interest of Thor’s over the past 40-plus years, and would definitely spice up any future Thor movies. Sure, Jaimie Alexander is holding it down as Sif, but more lady Asagardians is never a bad thing.

Well, it turns out there were originally plans to include Valkyrie in Thor: The Dark World. Movie concept artist John Nizzi recently uploaded a batch of unused Valkyrie designs to his website. Hit the following pages to check them out…

via io9

Hmmm, minor spoilers ahead…

So, in Thor: The Dark World, Natalie Portman’s character is infected with this dark force. Interestingly, in the comics Valkyrie’s spirit often possesses different hosts. Could the original plan have been to have Valkyrie possess Natalie Portman? I’m probably just speculating wildly, but it would have been an interesting twist.