The Gorgeous ‘Unravel’ Has A Release Date And A New Trailer You Need To See

While the game flew somewhat under the radar, Unravel was easily one of the best-looking titles unveiled by Sony at this year’s E3. Unravel stars Yarny, a cute little character made of yarn, who must traverse the world using his own stringy body. The further Yarny plunges into a stage, the more unraveled he gets, so he has to constantly collect more yarn.

Of course, Unravel isn’t the first game to use a hand-crafted, yarn-based visual style – Nintendo just released the very similar Yoshi’s Woolly World. That said, Unravel looks to harness the power of the current gen consoles to deliver a whole new level of adorably fuzzy graphics. The game’s story trailer, which you can watch above, also hints at a bittersweet story behind all the cuteness (something you’re unlikely to find in a Yoshi game).

Want more Yarny goodness? You can check out more of the little guy in action, below…

Unravel is being created by Swedish developer Coldwood Interactive, which has previously mostly worked on licensed snowmobiling games. It will be interesting to see what they can do with a more artsy premise. Unravel will be released February 9, 2016 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One for the budget price of $20.

(via Polygon)