UPROXX Video: A Funeral For Metropolis (And Other Cities Hollywood Flippantly Destroyed)

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06.28.13 3 Comments

Funeral For Metropolis UPROXX Video

This week’s UPROXX Video tackles a topic close to our hearts: What the hell is it with blockbuster movies killing millions of civilians then glossing over the level of carnage? G.I. Joe nuked London. Transformers destroyed Chicago. Benedict Cumberbatch cumbered his batch all over future San Francisco. Man Of Steel killed an estimated 129,000 Metropolis citizens, with an additional million injured and a quarter million missing. (Spoilers.)

Now the UPROXX Video team are addressing these four ignored horrors with a montage of post-tragedy commentary. They bring up a good point about Chicago’s destruction with the question, “The Autobots kicked the living sh-t out of the Decepticons. Why didn’t they do that before when they were on the moon, where nobody lives?” At other times, the commentary is more blunt and emotional, “I mean, what the f-ck?

Check out the video below, and ready your forties for the homeys. We are sorry for their loss, even if no one else is.

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