Vin Diesel Is Planning To Save A Mexican City Of Gold From Space Orcs

08.15.13 6 years ago 7 Comments

Vin Diesel after seeing the script for “Soldiers of the Sun”.

Vin Diesel! For a while he was easy to ignore if you weren’t that into movies about cars driving at furiously fast rates of speed, but suddenly the guy can’t seem to get enough sci-fi! He’s starring in the upcoming Riddick of course, will probably be doing voice work for Guardians of the Galaxy and now he’s signed onto star in a new sci-fi movie entitled Soldiers of the Sun.

What’s Soldiers of the Sun about exactly? Well, it’s kind of high concept (or maybe just stupid?) Hit the jump for details…

According to The Hollywood Reporter

Sun is set in a post-apocalyptic future and focuses on a squad of soldiers that searches for a fabled city of gold while on a tour of duty in Mexico, liberating it from an alien race known as Orcs.”

The mind boggles with questions. Why does this premise need to be post-apocalyptic? Why is American Vin Diesel on tour in Mexico? Did Mexico somehow cause the apocalypse? Some sort of global Montezuma’s revenge? Why are the aliens called Orcs? I’m hoping it’s because they’re just adding space helmets to reused Lord of the Rings CGI character models.

I…I dunno guys. I hate to say it, but I think Vin Diesel’s usual impeccable script-choosing abilities may have failed him this once.

via The Hollywood Reporter

Vin Diesel via Getty

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