This VR Sex Demonstration Underlines Why VR Will Never Catch On

I am on the record as being skeptical of the supposed coming VR revolution. I’ve tried the technology, and it’s undeniably impressive, but I just don’t see where it fits into people’s everyday lives or what it makes better than the tools we currently have. At least Microsoft made the utility of the Hololens clear right off the bat.

But really, the biggest roadblock is that while VR is an immersive, stunning experience for the user, you look incredibly stupid to anybody watching you use it. Adding a blow-up doll to that equation really does not help matters.

Thankfully, this guy does not have his junk out, although miming sex on a VR convention floor is possibly more embarrassing than actually having sex with a blowup doll. Seriously, nothing makes this video less funny. Here’s the YouTube description:

The blowup doll has an iPhone in it, and is connected to Unity for blowup doll position.

The author hasn’t decided on a name for it yet, but is currently calling the game “Space Battleship Girlfriend.”

I wonder, if we add a few more Japanese stereotypes in there, will this video collapse into a singularity? For those wondering, Oculus is fine with this; they’re committing to that whole “open source platform” thing, so that video above will likely be a spectacle enacted in dorm rooms and dingy apartments across the planet in 2016. But come on, guy, at least come up with a title less embarrassing than Space Battleship Girlfriend.

(via Kotaku)