Watch A ‘DayZ’ Player Save His Own Life With His Guitar Skills

03.24.15 3 years ago 5 Comments

DayZ is an unusual game. The forefather of the whole survival game craze, and it’s a pretty harsh game where you can never be sure who’s going to help you out and who’s going to kill you. Survival games in general lead to players losing it just a wee bit, so when this one player was cornered, he probably thought he was about to have to respawn.

But, it turns out, his captors had a request: If he could sing them a song, a real song and not a cop-out, they’d let him go. So he did, complete with a guitar part, and the bandits were true to their word.

It’s a nice little story and it demonstrates what happens when you have a talent and the ability to use it. Of course, you’ve got to wonder about the poor player they corner who isn’t on mic, but maybe they can write a limerick?

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