Here’s Who Voiced That Surprise Post-Credits ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Character

SPOILERY SPOILERS ahead! Even though, you know, I’m assuming you’ve all watched Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend and/or have already had this spoiled by 100 other websites already, but hey, we’re not in the SPOILERS game here at GammaSquad, no sir, so proceed with caution.

So, who was the voice of Howard the Duck at the end of GotG? Since it was a post-credits surprise they couldn’t very well credit the voice actor in the credits themselves, so it’s a bit of a mystery. Well, word is Howard’s voice was provided, appropriately, by Robot Chicken creator Seth Green.

Interesting side fact — it’s suspected Nathan Fillion was originally going to voice Howard, but he likely passed in hopes of scoring a more significant, non-duck Marvel Universe role.

Now the question must be asked — have Marvel taken leave of their senses and decided to do another Howard the Duck movie? Weeell…

So probably no movie, but Howard can console himself in the fact that his brief Guardians appearance has caused the price of his first comic appearance to skyrocket.

Via Bleeding Cool here & here