Adrian Wojnarowski Just Destroyed Phil Jackson For His Failures With The Knicks

Phil Jackson is getting all sorts of bad publicity this week, even more than usual. On Tuesday, he came under fire for comments he made about LeBron James’ “posse,” a term James and his camp took offense to as they feel it carries negative racial connotations. But later on, the Knicks’ president got hit with a wrecking ball courtesy of Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical, who enumerated all of Jackson’s failures during his tenure in New York in one pithy, yet searing, two-minute video, seen above.

Woj does a much better job than we could ever do of delivering the fatal blows, but suffice it to say that he covers just about every misstep Jackson has made since taking over the position, starting with the suggestion that money – not the opportunity to turn the franchise around – played the most decisive role in him accepting the position to begin with.

He moves from there through his botched recruitment of Steve Kerr and the subsequent train-wreck that was the Derek Fisher era, his inability to even land meetings with top-notch free agents, his stubborn adherence to the Triangle Offense despite disastrous results, his petty shots at other GMs and coaches such as Gregg Popovich and Pat Riley, and last but not least, his offseason strategy of handing massive contracts to injury-prone players whose best years are likely behind them. Enjoy, Knicks fans.