Schoolboy Q’s Travis Scott Collaboration, ‘Chopstix,’ Gets An Early Release Despite His Wishes

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Schoolboy Q blasted his way back into the public discourse last week with the release of the first new single from his upcoming album, “Num Num Juice,” letting everyone know even more new music was on the way. Debuting the song “Chopstix” on The Tonight Show with Travis Scott, he seemed to be making good. However, due to the untimely death of Nipsey Hussle, he announced that the official release would be postponed.

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TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny! _________________ #Roommates, this week may go down in history as one of the most tragic and emotional moments as #NipseyHussle is beyond respected in the community and industry. Many artists like #YG and #ScHoolboyQ are following code and are refraining from releasing new music as they had planned. ________________ #ScHoolboy took to his IG story to let fans know that he will not be dropping new music tomorrow and even says that “nobody should be putting nothing out this week.” _______________ “I’m not putting out music tomorrow — it’s not cool,” he said. “I’m not putting nothing out this week. Nobody should be putting nothing out this week.” He says he may consider — read more at!

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Unfortunately for Schoolboy, it looks like the gears of the industry machine are not so easily halted. “Chopstix,” the second single from his as-yet-untitled fifth album, appeared on streaming services earlier today. Although it was briefly available on streaming services and he requested it taken down, it appears to be back up in a few place. It features Travis on the hook, it’s produced by DJ Dahi, and it’s, as per usual for Quincy, a huge departure from anything we’ve heard from him before.

The chorus is pretty simple: It’s just Travis crooning the word “Chopstix” over and over, along with a sprinkling of his trademark “it’s lit” ad-lib. However, Schoolboy is able to make use of some pretty colorful metaphors involving the eating utensil, including the obligatory reference to wanting a woman’s legs up like chopsticks. The rest of his verses are all about the usual rapper flexes: Getting money, threatening enemies, and the like.

Because it’s Schoolboy, it’s all very entertaining, and DJ Dahi’s hypnotic beat will likely ensure that the song will become a house party fixture as the weather gets warmer. It’s just a shame his wishes about the song weren’t honored. Similarly, YG also announced that a surprise album he had planned would be pushed back, but it’s apparently easier to delay an album than a single release, ironically.

With two singles in the bag, there’s plenty of reason to get excited about the status of Schoolboy’s upcoming album. Although in typical TDE fashion, there’s no release date or even a title for it yet, the label rarely releases anything without a plan in place.

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