Danish Rapper Sleiman Is Suing Tekashi 69 For $100K Over An Unreleased Song

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It looks like, even with all that’s happened to him in the past year, incarcerated rapper Tekashi 69 can still find ways to get himself in even deeper trouble. TMZ reports that even though Tekashi is locked up — and likely will be for the foreseeable future, pending his relaxed sentence for cooperating with authorities — he’s been hit with a $100,000 lawsuit over an unreleased track his label won’t clear for release.

The track, “Red Bandnna [sic]/Black Hoodie” is a collaboration between Tekashi and Danish rapper Sleiman which was recorded in September 2018. According to the lawsuit, Tekashi was paid 88,00 euros for the feature, but once Tekashi was arrested on racketeering charges, 10K Projects declared that their exclusive rights to Tekashi’s work meant that any release had to meet their approval. Apparently, Sleiman has not been able to secure that approval, meaning he’s out nearly $100,000 in US currency and understandably pretty upset about it.

Sleiman is suing 10K and Tekashi for the rights to the song and a refund. Of course, given all the rumored money troubles circulating around Tekashi’s name, perhaps it’s best not to bet the farm on that cash coming back. Tekashi’s lawyers hope to get him out much earlier via his plea deal, but there’s no guarantee that his new music will be in as high a demand by the time he’s released — which means, after a year’s worth of legal fees, he might need to do a few more collaborations with international artists to recoup those losses.

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