10 Big Questions as July 2014 TCA Press Tour Begins

Well, it's been a relaxing six weeks since the 2013-14 TV season ended, but the time for tanning on a tropical island is over. [If you follow me on Twitter, you may sense some sarcasm there.]

Tuesday (July 8) morning begins the Summer 2014 installment of the Television Critics Association press tour. 

The fun starts with the cable conglomeration organized until the CTAM banner — Some fun stuff like HBO, NatGeo and Discovery, while other networks like FX and Showtime and USA will be bundled with their network siblings a bit later. Then we transition into network stuff, stretching to PBS on the 22nd and 23rd, which leads directly into Comic-Con on the 24th.

Presumably, Sepinwall will be joining me out here in a couple days, in time for both HBO and Emmy nomination announcements, but I've thought that before.  We'll see! He'll probably do his own explanation of the press tour process, but we put our heads together to think of 10 key questions that will be answered over the next three weeks.

Check 'em out in the slideshow — SORRY — below.