10 Flawless GIFs of Madonna For Her 56th Birthday

It's Madonna's birthday. This is a very important moment for all of us virgin-geisha-dominatrix-cowgirls.

She's our greatest star, and she's 56 today. It's always nice to remember that there's no precedent for Madonna in the history of pop culture. No one else has been so doggedly powerful, so beloved, so cool, so willfully obnoxious, so killer, and so fabulous for so long. She's the living legend among living legends, and I'm prepared for her to outlive us all. 

To celebrate Madge's big day, we've got the best 10 GIFs of her true essence. Get ready to snap, pose, thrust, and grapevine, because it's the queen's birthday and we're all invited to respect her throne.