10 Observations About One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’ Video

10.24.14 4 years ago

One Direction's new music video “Steal My Girl” is basically a bizarre, colorful party with Danny DeVito playing a cuckoo director/ringmaster. It's a romp! Let's join the festivities and count up our ten observations about the goings-on.

1. Harry Styles is evolving into Val from Team X-Blades in “Brink,” and I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

2. God bless Louis Tomlinson, but he reminds me the least of “Danger,” Danny DeVito. 

3. I've long held the belief that the two cutest members of One Direction are Liam and Zayn, but we have to agree that Niall is way in the lead now. Cutest outfit and dance moves, I'd say. 

4. But Zayn is dressed a little bit like a hipster version of Doug Funnie's sister Judy, and that makes me even more attracted to him. 

5. The rhythmic gymnasts are cool? Rhythmic gymnastics looks like air traffic control for unicorns. 

6. The “Na, Na, Na”s are a liiiiiittle too “Drops of Jupiter” for me.

7. It's a little depressing that sumo wrestlers are showing off more skin than the guys.

8. In fact, it's a little depressing that the video's concept is basically “One Direction as hanging out with 'exotic' minorities and animals.”

9. YES to rain on the gents. All is forgiven. Er. Most is forgiven.

10. The fact that Niall is the only 1D member wearing a white t-shirt in the rain should prove to you how much we should value him as the ultimate 1D member. 

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