10 of the Worst Box Office Hits of All-Time

After “The Hunger Games'” monster haul this spring and just two weekends of “The Avengers” ravaging your local multiplex, it’s clear the all-time box office charts are going to look a lot different at the end of 2012 than they do now.  And with “The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2” and “The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey” in the wings, the top 10 might be substantially updated as well. Reviewing the list of current box office champions it becomes painfully obvious that there are just as many bad movies among the top grossers as there are true classics.  Now, what may taste sour to one person may taste sweet to another, but the HitFix editorial staff were shocked at some of the truly bad films that have suckered the American moviegoing public in recent years.  With that in mind, we’re documenting the worst 10 movies that surpassed the new benchmark of a blockbuster these days, $200 million domestic (one notable exception included).

Think you can guess what they are? Launch the gallery below and judge for yourself. (And don’t feel bad if you really liked any of them, we all make mistakes now and then).