These 10 ambitious movies pushed their filmmakers to invent new technology

James Cameron started writing “Avatar” in 1994. Then he waited over a decade to start filming it because the technology he needed to tell his story hadn”t been invented yet. But even then, Cameron and co. found themselves developing new filmmaking technology to transport audiences to the lush 3D world of Pandora.

Sometimes filmmakers work with what they”ve got when it comes to filmmaking tools. Other times they look at the script they”ve written and realize that to tell that story, they need invent new tech.

Robert Zemeckis wanted a moving-camera shot of Michael J. Fox playing three different characters. Jim Sturgess needed to interact with actors pulled by an opposite gravitational force in “Upside Down.” The big screen adaptations of “The Lord of the Rings” books had to tackle ambitious, epic battle sequences. To pull all this off, technical wizards invented new software and camera equipment.

Check out the gallery below for a rundown of 10 movies that pushed its filmmakers to be technical innovators.