100 days until Star Wars: Shattered Empire introduces some very important parents


It”s been a long time coming but the first issue of the laboriously named JOURNEY TO STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS – SHATTERED EMPIRE comic is finally here. And it comes with a shocking* revelation.

*Shocking in so much as the Holocron Keepers of Star Wars lore have a Machiavellian grip on their subject matter and how it all interconnects.

Marvel and Lucasfilm already confirmed A-Wing pilot Shara Bey is the lead character of this series. But it”s how she interlocks with the rest of a galaxy far, far away that come as a surprise.






Meet the parents of Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac):

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment/Marco Checchetto

Okay sure. They could be Poe Dameron”s aunt and uncle. Or they could be unrelated to him at all. But as Shara is an A-Wing pilot and Kes is part of Han Solo”s elite ground force team known as the Specforce Pathfinders – and knowing Star Wars never misses a chance to braid the storyline tapestry ever tighter – it”s a safe bet we”re witnessing Poe”s parents fighting the last vestiges of the Empire.

Why Shara kept her maiden name is an in-universe mystery for now but the out-of-universe answer is obviously to keep the reveal a surprise.

What will happen to them will play out over the course of this comic, but with parents this dedicated to the cause it”s no wonder Poe grows up to pilot an X-Wing of his own. Now it”s just a question of whether or not he”s friends with his father”s old commander…General Solo.

BONUS! SHATTERED EMPIRE adds more fire to the fan theory that Ewoks are cuddly TerrorBears that were playing drums on Stormtrooper helmets because they ATE the Imperials inside. Look at those shifty eyes. They”re totally feeding the enemy to the Rebels.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment/Marco Checchetto

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