11 new ‘Doctor Who’ photos capture the spirit of ‘Last Christmas’

With rumors already swirling that Series 8 was the last go around for Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), “Doctor Who” threw proverbial kerosene on the fire by naming the 2014 Christmas special “Last Christmas.”

But maybe it”s just a Wham! reference?

This year, the Doctor encounters Santa Claus (Nick Frost) and his elves on the roof of Clara”s home. Shenanigans ensue. During an interview with Den of Geek a few weeks ago, Capaldi assured fans there would be no funny business or surprise secret identities for Father Christmas.

“He”s the real Santa, which is great – he”s not a Santa robot or a Santa alien or anything like that; he”s the real genuine Santa Claus, which is brilliant.”

Having met Robin Hood earlier this year, that makes two mythical characters who are proven to exist within the “Doctor Who” universe, opening the door to all kinds of story possibilities in the future.

The BBC also wanted to assure children all over the world that they”re taking great pains to get the details right for old Saint Nick. Even going to far as to send Nick Frost on a sojourn to the North Pole for training. Frost spent months learning from the best.

“I spent two months with [Santa Claus]…last October, which is a busy time because they”re really cranking it up. He was a joy. We did a ride along on Christmas Eve, which was just fantastic. So essentially he”s been my dialect coach, but with Christmas cheer.”

Check out the brand new images “Last Christmas” images below! What significance does the orange have? Who are the mysterious secondary characters armed with earpieces and radar equipment?

“Last Christmas” airs Christmas Day on BBC One and BBC America. Check local listings for times.