14 Spookiest Moments In The New NBC ‘Constantine’ Trailer

Comic book properties are still white hot and if there's one thing the many-headed beast known as Hollywood excels at, it's churning out whatever is popular in such quantity we all glut on it and lose interest. But oh how we shall feast in the meantime! 

So of course with a paranormal religious bent on the upswing thanks to runaway hit 'Sleepy Hollow' and imitation-is-the-sincerest-form-of-flattery 'Supernatural' it was only a matter of time before the grandaddy of all trench coat and tie wearing ethically ambiguous characters showed up to get these damn Winchester kids off his lawn. Because if you think Constantine sounds and looks a lot like 'Supernatural' then congratulations! You have functioning eyes are now burdened with the uncomfortable knowledge that Castiel and Friends are basically a budget 'Constantine' fanfic AU (Alternate Universe).  

The trailer knows it too and they aren't pulling any punches proving they have the superior supernatural experience. Car accident? Pffft, that's not a season ending cliffhanger, that's preview fodder. Too many dudes? Let's co-lead this with a chick. Not enough minority representation? No problem, angels can be any race! If this is what 'Constantine' is willing to give away on the trailer – death, demons, and black blood vomit – just imagine what they're not. Or on second thought, don't. If they can manage to snag the writers of 'The X-Files' theme, we might have a new favorite contender for 'Show Most Likely To Watch With The Lights On' because some of this is downright spine-chilling. Ranked from least to most likely to give you night terrors, here are the 14 spookiest moments in the new 'Constantine' trailer.