156 days until Star Wars: Chewbacca to star in his own comic book this fall

The string of Star Wars and Marvel comics continues this October with the release of CHEWBACCA #1. Written by Gerry Duggan with art by Phil Noto, Chewbacca”s miniseries will expand on the Wookiee warrior”s life as he battles the empire in the hopes of restoring freedom to a galaxy far, far away.

But the story isn”t just Chewbacca”s. Everyone”s favorite walking carpet is getting a new sidekick named Zarro. When her home comes under attack from the Empire, the feisty fighter ropes Chewbacca in to be her muscle. But Zarro is definitely getting more than she expected.

“At first glance, she sees Chewie as the extra muscle she needs. The brains attached to those muscles will be a surprise for her….and I think how Chewie and Zarro manage to deal with the threat will be a fun surprise for fans,” teased Duggan.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment. Art by Phil Noto.

When it comes to writing a main character that speaks exclusively in Shyriiwook, Duggan rose to the challenge.

“He”s a hero, plain and simple. He”s a giant-sized underdog. He”s faithful, fierce, and can be playful. At the beginning of the story he”s on a very important mission. One he sets aside to help those in need. By the end of this arc we”ll have met the soul of the Wookiee. We”ll understand what he fears, and we”ll know why he picked up his bowcaster. Yes, this story will be an action-packed thriller, but I think it has a very strong Wookiee heart, too.”

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment. Art by Ariel Olivett

CHEWBACCA #1 goes on sale this October!