2 new Nicki Minaj videos: ‘I Am Your Leader’ with Rick Ross, B.o.B.’s ‘Out of My Mind’

08.24.12 7 years ago

Nicki Minaj is making it Pink Friday today as she drops two different music videos with three other artists: “I Am Your Leader” with Rick Ross and Cam’Ron and B.o.B.’s “Out of My Mind.”

“I Am Your Leader” is off of actual “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,” Minaj’s sophomore set and a rap from the Roman side of the coin. Dropping two verses, she talks nasty mean threats to “check bad b*tches” from her seat on rap’s throne. And by throne, she means from a bathtub as she rocks thigh-high platforms; or from the middle of a pink and green funhouse floor, empty with exception to a zebra-print rug. As she’s flanked by her two featured artists Cam’ron and Rick Ross, Minaj rocks what I’d describe as stipper-biker wear and she does a quick dance in a dictator’s hat.

See, that’s how you can tell she’s you’re leader: she’s got a little hat.

If you get enough flesh from Nicki, there’s plenty more skin to go around from Bawse’s front, as he drops the jog suit and goes bare-chested in his golden dining room (styling courtesy of Party City?). Minaj’s big refrain on this track is for hos and haters to “suck a big d*ck,” and Ross generally runs with the theme after he’s done dropping car names and the ilk. “So where the fuck is her manners, she gives brain while I Tweet,” he boasts. How rude, right? “DM in the BM, you cm, you buckin’, you love it / motherf*ckers on my d*ck, suck it.”

Cam’ron also wants to talk about his watches, and then half the verse with an excruciating hit-em-quit-em toss off. It’s a fine rhyme, but all eyes still on Nicki, who can steal the video show without even trying. And here: she’s trying. The green hair and the blow-out certainly have a part in this stage play, but it’s also a swing from the pop tracks she’s been pimping all summer, starting with “Starships.” Now she’s back to the rap side of “Roman Reloaded” and simultaneously working her own sexuality as she asserts power over minions by suggesting they suck a big d*ck. There was no way this one wouldn’t be eye-popping, if no other body part was already popping or sulking.

And if “I Am Your Leader” is too subtle for you, try on B.o.B.’s “Out of My Mind” — a list of reasons why B.o.B. insists he’s out of his mind, which doesn’t sound like a person who is out of their mind at all. The clip is a good excuse to bust out the nuthouse porn, with leather face muzlzes, old-timey wheelchairs, straightjackets and sexy nurse outfits.

Let’s be fair: all the women starring in this video, Minaj included, are playing out a sexy-time role. So perhaps B.o.B. is out of his mind because he’s convinced he’s getting laid and it just. never. happens.

Minaj turns on the booty pyrotechnics underneath her doctor’s coat and does a lapdance for the mentally disturbed. I imagine Lady Gaga was just “watching” from the sidelines.

How do these Minaj offerings fare?

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