20 Worst Films of 2012

With all the fawning end-of-the-year kudos currently circulating, it’s easy to forget that a sizable number of actual bad movies came out in 2012. Well, consider this a refresher.

From failed blockbuster tentpoles (“Battleship”) to would-be hilarious comedies (“The Watch”) to lame scare-challenged horror flicks (“The Apparition”) to…uh, well, pretty much anything involving Tyler Perry, there’s no doubt that the last 366 days have come with a heaping helping of truly heinous cinematic stinkers.

So what better time for an accounting of the year’s most outrageous big-screen abominations than on the eve of the coming apocalypse? You’re gonna have to make peace with the end of the world somehow – might as well do it by reminding yourself of just how bad things can get at the local multiplex.

Check out our selections for the 20 worst movies of 2012 in the gallery below, then share some of your own picks in the comments.