211 days until Star Wars: Two decades later, Tusken Raiders are still terrified of Jedi

Tatooine has played a critical role in the Star Wars universe. Every major character arc involving the Skywalker men stems back to their homeworld. It”s where Anakin Skywalker was born and it”s where he took his first major steps to rebirth as Darth Vader when he massacred a Tusken Raider village after the death of Shmi Skywalker.

That kind of wanton destruction will leave a mark on a culture. Imagine the scenario from the Tusken Raiders point of views. In the middle of the night, a whirling dervish of blue-bladed death brought a tribe to its knees. Then the Jedi vanished into the desert, never to be seen again. It”s the kind of story legends are made of.

Which is why this tiny two-panel exchange in STAR WARS #5 holds such weight. Here is Luke, about to unknowingly repeat the sins of his father. And here are the Tusken Raiders, seeing that blue blade of death once more and fleeing into the night. Luke is outnumbered and outmatched, but his opponents – known for their ruthlessness – don”t even blink twice before booking it out of there.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment. Art by John Cassaday.

The entirety of STAR WARS has been peppered with little moments like this. Hats off to writer Jason Aaron and artist John Cassasday for their commitment to the internal lore of a galaxy far, far away!