241 days until Star Wars: Lucasfilm rejects Jedi celibacy too late to help Anakin

The Jedi tenets are very clear. Adherents are not to form attachments, they must be as close to zen-like as possible. This means no marriages, no children, and barely leaves wiggle room for friendship. Without these stringent guidelines, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala wouldn”t have had to hide their love and perhaps* Vader never would”ve turned to the Dark Side.

So what”s a little boy that wants to be Jedi but also one day hopes to get married supposed to do? Write to George Lucas himself in the hope of changing the rules.

Young Colin”s plea did not fall on deaf ears. In a shocking reversal, Lucasfilm struck down a millennia of terrible religious doctrine with a new interpretation of Jedi Law. It would seem that love doesn”t turn people evil after all.

Now the question becomes, was this merely some kind soul at Lucasfilm humoring a young fan? Or are the Gray Jedi and the Children of the Jedi taking the leap from the discard pile of the Expanded Universe and into the new official lore? Bringing balance to the Force is such a vague prophecy, it could mean nearly anything. Perhaps even including a whole new world where potential Padawans aren”t removed from their families as toddlers, but taught that love is sacrifice, not fear.

*Even based on this updated interpretation of Jedi Law, Anakin still would”ve become Darth Vader because he was an impulsive, selfish child.

[Via GeekDad]