4 cultural references in Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video

Miley’s Cyrus new video, “Wrecking Ball,” is a Terry Richardson-shot portrait of the singer’s wounded soul — and nearly a portrait of her nipples, too. While Miley cries for the camera and attempts to mate with a giant metal ball, I couldn’t help but note 4 cultural references hidden inside the video. Here they are:

1. Orange is the New Black: Omg, how OITNB is this video? Ofkrblr! (I made that last one up.)

But really, from the opening tight shot on Miley’s face which directly mimics the credit sequence of “Orange,” to the whole hot gal in a concrete cell situation, it’s impossible to watch this video without expecting Crazy Eyes to pop up from the other side of the wrecking ball.

2. Paul Bunyan: Appearing giant in stature and wielding an enormous tool, Miley is applying to become a part of American folklore. Joke’s on her, though: she’s been more famous than Paul Bunyan for years.

3. Skinhead culture: It’s hard to see an oxblood Dr. Marten boot and not think of the 70s skinheads of the UK. Seriously, google “skinhead” and you’ll see at least one pair of Miley’s exact shoes in every group photo. (Question: why are there so many group photos of skinheads?)

So the boots plus Miley’s cropped ‘do? The girl might be embracing a really unexpected subculture.

Also alarming? It looks like Paul Bunyan might have been a skinhead too.

4. Molly: Nothing about a metal wrecking ball would normally compel a person to whip off her clothes and writhe about atop its cool metal surface. But add MDMA to the mix and it all suddenly makes too much sense. We already know Miley is a fan of the club drug — let’s just hope she doesn’t introduce any real construction workers to the delights of molly, because traffic is already bad enough.