5 other Marvel teams who should follow ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to the big screen

(CBR) Just a few short years ago, no one would have believed that Marvel Studios' tenth film would star a sentient, gun-toting raccoon, a talking tree and Andy from “Parks & Rec.” The fact that we live in a reality where “Guardians of the Galaxy” exists is both a gift and minor miracle, and seeing it not only open as the top movie in theaters but crush the previous August opening weekend box office record holder is something nobody could have seen coming when the movie was green-lit.

But Star-Lord, Rocket and Groot aren't the only “not ready for Prime Time” players in Marvel's library. From street-level heroes to teenaged champions in the making, there are literally dozens of heroes waiting in the wings, ready for their chance arrive at a theater near you.

Here are five team-ups we'd pay to see on the big screen: