NeNe Dumps Fans Like She’s Dumped All Her ‘RHOA’ Friends

The only shocking part about NeNe Leakes quitting “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is that she didn”t do it sooner.

Anyone who watched Season 7 knows Leakes has had one foot out the door for quite some time. And when she did bother to interact with anyone other than her new BFFs Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams, the interactions were combative at best.

Perhaps when Leakes, 48, broke down during the third and final part of the “RHOA” reunion in May, her tears were as much for her estranged mother as they were for former #TeamNeNe acolytes who wonder why the woman at the heart of the franchise”s most beloved and popular series seems so bitter.

While some viewers will miss Leakes – the last original cast member – and her fun catchphrases such as “girl, bye,” others believe her seven-year run has been more than enough. Here are seven times Leakes ticked off fans over the years:  

That time NeNe walked out on Dr. Jeff and the girls (Season 7)

The craziest part about NeNe”s diva-centric exit at the group”s therapy session with Dr. Jeff is that she organized the gathering.

That time NeNe gave an awkward speech (Season 6)

Kenya tried to make peace with NeNe by throwing a charity masquerade ball. But NeNe was less than appreciative because she claimed Kenya didn”t discuss the event with her beforehand. Instead of talking to Kenya about this, she threatened not to show up and when she did show up, gave a stunted acceptance speech.

That time NeNe threw sing-song shade (Season 2)

NeNe wasn”t happy about Kim”s hit song “Tardy For the Party” in large part because she wanted to make a song with Kandi. Instead of telling Kandi this, she picked a fight with Kandi at a party.

That time NeNe fought with Kim on the tour bus (Season 3)

Even #TeamNeNe supporters scratched their heads when NeNe not only picked a fight with Kim about her music career but tried to dictate who could stay at Kim”s friend Thomas” estate for the girls” weekend. Jealous much?

That time NeNe brought Marlo to South Africa (Season 4)

The trip to South Africa was supposed to be for “Housewives” only. But NeNe threw a wrench in the plans when she brought Marlo along and didn”t bother to ask. Tensions escalated when Marlo and Sheree got into a loud and heated argument, which involved Marlo using a gay slur.

That time NeNe made Cynthia cry about parenting (Season 6)

There was a time when NeNe and Cynthia were best buddies and NeNe basked in Cynthia”s undying loyalty and adulation. But you could argue that the beginning of the end was when NeNe tried to shame Cynthia on her liberal parenting style during a girls” getaway in Savannah. 

That time NeNe threw a Hollywood dinner party and turned the “Housewives” away (Season 5)

Yes, the ladies were two hours late. But the dinner was for them and it was still going on so NeNe should”ve let them in.