8 Things We Learned From Jennifer Lawrence Face-Palming Emma Watson

Look, we get it: Jennifer Lawrence is kooky and fun and we all want to be best friends with her. ALL OF US. But because beating a dead horse is the new normal in our insufferable 24-hour media climate, we're here to remind you once again that Jennifer Lawrence is kooky and fun and that you should never stop wanting to be friends with her, ever. Look, here she is face-palming Emma Watson at Paris Fashion Week, lucky Emma!

Oh, but don't worry, Emma was totally cool with it! See, look at her face! Haha! Hahahahaah! Ha.

Don't think this counts as news? You're right, actually. It's more like school. Here are 8 amazing things I learned from the earth-shattering media event:

1. If you're Jennifer Lawrence, you can basically get away with anything.

Including shoving your germy hand directly into Emma Watson's beautiful porcelain face! At a Dior fashion show no less! Hahahahahaa! Haha! Haaaaaaa

2. Jennifer Lawrence is way tanner than she was before.

As the Daily Mirror so aptly states, the “Hunger Games” star was sporting “an unusually bronzed look” at the “stuffy” fashion event. I agree, Daily Mirror! She is tanner!

3. This was a perfectly-timed publicity stunt by Jennifer Lawrence.

At the risk of incurring God's wrath, I have to admit that by the time this year's Golden Globes rolled around, I'd grown more than a little tired of J-Law Fever, and by the Oscars I seriously considered starting a Kristen Stewart fansite. Thankfully, post-awards season she retreated from public view for a bit before reemerging a sensible four months later – just to remind us all of how fiercely and annoyingly lovable she is.

4. “Jennifer Lawrence Face-Palmed Emma Watson” is currently the No. 1 trending topic on Facebook.

Closely followed by “LeBron James,” “Crumbs Bake Shop” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” In related news, we are doomed.

5. “I think our girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence just went into overdrive” is a very annoying sentence.

It is, you guys.

6. Jennifer Lawrence's legs are whiter than Emma Watson's even though her face is tanner than Emma Watson's.

Brain hurts.

7. “Kate Hudson dazzles in plunging lilac jumpsuit and joins star-studded line-up at Paris Fashion Week”

8. “Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian shows off her growing bump in a bikini selfie”

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