90’s hip hop meets social media in first teaser trailer for Sundance hit ‘Dope’

Yep, “Dope” features the acting debut of A$SAP Rocky.  Yep, “Dope” features four new tracks from Pharrell Williams.  Yep, after this one you'll never think of the Lobby Boy from “The Grand Budapest Hotel” the same way again.  But, the first teaser for Rick Famuyiwa's Sundance hit wants to make sure you're down with how 90's style has made a comeback.

Open Road Films picked up “Dope” at Sundance for $7 million in January and when you see the new teaser trailer (embedded below) you can see why the indie was a hot acquisition in Park City.  Famuyiwa has crafted an entertaining coming of age movie set in a modern day Inglewood where a certain segment of kids are escaping to the '90s to forget their problems.  Even if those problems are just getting the girl they like to pay attention to them or get into their dream college.

You can watch the teaser embedded below and if you are wondering who the actor who ends the preview saying “Allow me to reintroduce myself…” is?  That's Shameik Moore and he's gonna be a star.

For more on “Dope” read my review from Sundance.

“Dope” opens nationwide on June 19.