Lego Darth Vader, Batman, more minifigs make for amusing art

Darth Vader and Yoda playing Elliott and E.T. Magneto dunking Wolverine in a coffee mug. Batman putting up ‘missing” posters for Robin. These are the situations that Lego minifigs find themselves in when they”re in front of Samsofy Pardugato”s camera.

“I try to take pictures that mixes the extremely big and the microscopic to help the naked eye discover what one can”t see usually,” the French photographer says on his website. He began his career snapping pics of extreme sports but now, “under the influence of geek culture, my artistic approach is now focused around the very appreciated small yellow characters.”

After happening upon Pardugato”s work, I just had to share this discovery. The one with Magneto and Wolverine may be my favorite. 

Check out some of Pardugato”s “Legography” below:

Vader and Yoda give peace a chance:

Even Batman”s gotta carve out weekend time to do laundry:

Having to use his healing powers on burns after getting dunked in coffee is probably not what Wolverine was planning to do with his Thursday afternoon:

Pardugato will venture beyond minifigs to show us the catlike qualities in AT-ATs:

A bubbly landscape for this wanna-be unicorn:

Let”s hope Stormtroopers have better aim with motorcycles than they do with blasters:

Can”t be easy for Lego chefs to carry macaroons twice their own size:

Where in the world is Robin??

You can see more of Pardugato”s work on his Instagram, Facebook, and website.