A ‘Teen Wolf’/ ‘The 9 Lives of Chloe King’ Crossover?

07.06.11 8 years ago
While visiting the set of ABC Family’s “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” today, I got a chance to do some roundtable interviews with the cast. And while I’ll have more info from those to report later, here’s a tidbit for “Teen Wolf” fans: Colton Haynes, who plays Jackson Whittemore on the MTV show, will be reconnecting with his “The Gates” co-star (and now “Chloe King” star) Skyler Samuels. “He happens to be one of my closest friends in real life,” Samuels says of Haynes. “We met last year working on a show and we always said whoever gets their own show first has to have the other one on. We made a pact… And sure enough, there was the perfect role for him.”
Haynes will be playing what Samuels describes as “a very dark and twisted and yet sweet and lovable character. He’s a very complex guy and he comes in and shakes up Chloe and the Mai and her human friends.”
But, unlike Chloe’s friends, he has something supernatural in common with Chloe. “He’s not a human is what I can tell you and he’s not a Mai, so he’s introducing a new breed of people or thing or creature for Chloe. Or critter. He’s a new breed of critter for Chloe, and I think the people he introduces her to definitely setting up some drama.” According to Samuels, he’ll likely be back on the show if it returns after its short season run. ” I think we’ll see him and his people so to speak in future seasons.”
As for that pact, Samuels isn’t saying no to a “Teen Wolf” appearance, either. “I mean, I can only hope,” she says. “I can be like listen, this has to work both ways here, pal.” But what about taking the Chloe character to “Teen Wolf” territory? “Maybe if we can do one of those show swap things,” she jokes. “Chloe King is stopping by high school and runs into Tyler Posey while he”s pouncing on werewolves, I could break out my claws. The nine lives of ‘Teen Wolf.’ We could make it happen.” Hey, supernatural TV series make their own rules, right?




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