A Whole Hour of the Greatest Comedy Central Roast Jokes

Good lord. Where to begin with this spectacular mashup of fantastic Comedy Central roast jokes? I'll just list five of my favorites and leave you to surf this epic clip at your leisure.

5:40: Jimmy Fallon kicks off the Lisa Lampanelli-bashing festivities with a joke that is not for PETA members. 

35:00: Patton Oswalt's somehow insaner joke about Lisa Lampanelli, who is officially the best sport in the room. 

37:30: Sarah Silverman introduces us to both kinds of Courtney Love. 

39:30: Kate Walsh's awesome joke about Charlie Sheen's life. Excellent delivery, Kate Walsh. I might watch “Bad Judge.” 

46:20: Amy Schumer (who is great in this whole vid) gets a good joke in about Carrie Fisher, but then she makes it even better with what she adds afterward. (I also like her Carrie Fisher joke at 39:50). 

Just go on. Just watch. I'm crying pretty hard.