5 dumb questions for Adam McKay

If you’re a fan of comedy and movies, or even have the right muscles to form a smile, then you probably have a shrine to Adam McKay somewhere in your house. (*Apartment. I mean your apartment. I know who I’m talking to here.) Personally, I’ve got a little Adam voodoo doll, but instead of doing anything mean to it, I just tickle it up, and that’s Adam’s cue to go out and create something wonderful that will make me laugh. It’s a really great system, and I’d like to take personal responsibility for the world having things like “Anchorman” and Funny or Die. You are so welcome!

I tickled the voodoo doll extra hard this week, and Adam agreed to answer some dumb questions for Riot. These are them.

Yo, Adam! What”s your theme song? My theme song is “One Tin Soldier” by Coven. At one time it was considered the theme song of Billy Jack, but now it’s the theme of Adam McKay. Whenever I mete out vigilante justice (ie: hey you filthy bitch, put your fucking plastic in the recycling or ill pee in your goddamn purse!!!!), I play this song as I walk away. People love it, though I’m walking away so I can’t be 100% sure. On second thought, scew that, they love it.

If you could bring anyone back from the dead and cast them in any movie role, who and what would you choose? I’d bring Ghandi back and cast him in the Aaron Eckhart role in “No Reservations” opposite Catherine Zeta Jones. I think Ghandi would enjoy being awoken from his eternal slumber to bring this rom com classic new life.

Invent an animal, please: A Deeser: a cross between a possum and a gharial. This hissing reptile with fangs and an ill temperament lives only to cuddle.

What”s your favorite curse word to describe James Lipton? A Jackfuck. Or werewolf pre-cum.

Wanna fist fight? Is that a joke question? I truly hope it is because you seem small and I am six five with a Larry Holmes-esque jab and a penchant for bruising body work. If this is in fact a joke, then, “I only fight girls when they’re from the Cheney family.” But if this question isn’t a joke then, yes. I definitely will fight you.

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