‘Admission’ star Paul Rudd reflects on the glory of fake cow births

NEW YORK – Paul Rudd may have had “a couple of teachers that really seemed to be invested” in him and who supported him, but he still didn’t apply himself in school as he now wishes he had. 

In our interview with Rudd for the upcoming comedy “Admission,” in which the actor stars opposite Tina Fey, we got the chance to ask him about his own college applications process. Rudd tells us that he didn’t take part in any sort of ultra-competitive college admissions ordeal as he “wouldn’t have gotten in to any school,” a statement he assures us has no false modesty whatsoever, that his “GPA sucked.”
As for his part in the bovine birthing scene in “Admission,” well, as it turns out, “the cow didn’t actually give birth.” The cow however was real, and Rudd says it “wasn’t the best to be… two feet away from a cow’s ass for two days.”
Rudd currently has a number of other projects in the works, including the upcoming “Anchorman” sequel. 
We did ask him about the Will Ferrell comedy, but he insisted on remaining tight-lipped on what we can expect to see take place in the sequel to the 2004 film. The only bit of information we got out of him was that shooting on the new “Anchorman” was scheduled to start in short order and that he’s “looking forward to it.”
Click on the video above to hear the tale of Rudd’s life as a student and to see whether or not “acting’s hard.” 
“Admission” opens in theaters this Friday.