‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Outs The Director On This Week’s Geeky TV

Last week on Agents of SHIELD, we learned Radcliffe is about a thousand times creepier than we thought when it comes to his ex-wife, we learned the thinly veiled white supremacist group the Watchdogs actually like Inhumans if they provide a strategic advantage, and were also reminded this show has absolutely no compunction about reducing its villains to greasy stains out of nowhere. So long, Senator Nadeer.

So, where does that leave SHIELD? In some pretty deep sewage, actually, because Ivanov, the rich and insane Russian, is obsessed with Coulson and believes he’s behind the entire Marvel universe and all its various disasters. Which is sort of unfair, because it’s not like he failed to remove a chemical weapon that got dumped into the ocean by accident, or unleashed a vengeance demon on a prison, or hijacked control of a covert organization mostly because of his own ego, or- um, OK, maybe Ivanov has a point.

We also assume romance will come up somehow, because it is Valentine’s Day and also stealing your wife’s brain from her dying body is something the show really should counterbalance with, like, Fitz being nice to Simmons for once. We’ll find out tonight at 10pm EST on ABC. Join us, won’t you?