‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ has a trailer so there’s no pretending this isn’t real

The sequel no one thought they asked for – until they looked at the worldwide box office – now has a trailer. Return to the world of Wonderland in the trailer for “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”

That wasn”t a suggestion. If I had to watch it, you have to watch it.

As we have no one but ourselves to blame for this return trip, at least it”s visually compelling? The Cheshire Cat appearing within a surging wave it pretty cool. But Johnny Depp”s huge VFX peepers cancel it out. Basically if you loved the first “Alice,” you”ll probably love this one. And even if you didn”t? History shows we”re gonna turn up to watch it anyway, because we”re monsters.

“Alice Through the Looking Glass” opens May 27, 2016.