Alien invasion film ‘Darkest Hour’ release date pushed back until Christmas

Summit Entertainment has pushed Chris Gorak’s Russia-set alien invasion movie “The Darkest Hour” back from its original Aug. 5 release date to Dec. 23.

Produced by Timur Bekmambetov (“Wanted,” “Day Watch”) the film stars Emile Hirsch (“Speed Racer”), Olivia Thirlby (“Bored to Death”), Max Minghella (“The Social Network”) and Rachael Taylor (“Grey’s Anatomy”). The story appears fairly standard, but the setting offers something exotic. A pack of young Americans tourists site-seeing in Moscow survive an initial alien attack and join forces with some locals to fight the extra-terrestrial menace.

Production was halted last summer for two weeks because of fires in Moscow, and the release postponement is likely necessary for the film’s effects-heavy post-production schedule to get back on track.

Gorak (”Right At Your Door”) was previously an art director working with acclaimed directors like David Fincher (“Fight Club”), the Coen Brothers (“The Man Who Wasn’t There”) and Steven Spielberg (“Minority Report”).