Amazing new Asian ‘Godzilla’ trailer says ‘Let them fight!’

We're in the home stretch now for Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros to make the case for why this “Godzilla” is going to not only be better than the first American attempt at making a film about the iconic giant monster, but potentially better than any movie since the 1954 original film.

The new trailer they just released for the Asian audience is mighty persuasive.

I was curious to see if they were going to make it all the way to the release of the film without showing any clear images of the Muto, the big weird crazy monsters that are Godzilla's major adversaries in the film. This may not show you everything about them from head to toe, but it offers up the best look yet at the scale of the film.

When I was at WonderCon a few weekends ago, I moderated the Warner Bros. panel, and the last half-hour segment we did was with Gareth Edwards, the director of “Godzilla,” and we showed the same footage there that I wrote about at SXSW. It was amazing to hear a theater full of people lose their minds when they finally got a good look at Godzilla himself, and they had some pretty great shots of the Muto in that footage as well.

What Edwards seems to have done is make a film that doesn't feel like every other spastic summer blockbuster in terms of visual style, and of course I won't know if he's really pulled it off until the film comes out and we get a chance to see the whole thing. I like that when we do actually see the few money shots that have been revealed so far, it seems like Edwards has gone out of his way to shoot this so you can see everything, treating Godzilla like a character, not like a special effect.

… and now here's the place where you can tell me if that makes you as eager to see the film as it makes me. I think this thing looks great, and I can't wait to see if it works.

“Godzilla” arrives in theaters May 16th.