‘American Idol’ Season 13 Finalists – The Girls talk to HitFix

If you've checked out my earlier post, you've already seen my interviews with the six guys in the “American Idol” Top 13.

After the judges gave two of their Wild Card slots to women, though, the girls took a 7-to-6 advantage going into the Top 13, meaning that that all-female alliance should be able to Pagong the men.

Wait. Wrong Wednesday reality show. 


Anyway, last Thursday, I caught up with all of the Season 13 “Idol” finalists. Click through for interviews with the seven remaining women.

Above, you'll see my interview with M.K. Nobilette, who discusses her rave reviews from the judges last week, as well as her frank discussion of her sexuality and her love of backwards baseball caps.

Then, below, you've got Jessica Meuse, who talks about the way she was depicted in the “Idol” Hollywood Week episodes and what the Group Night experience taught her about pressure.

Then we're on to energetic Malaya Watson, the last of the Top 10 girls to perform last week. She explains the advantage of tuba-playing and more.

If Malaya had to face the pressure of going last in the Top 10 Girls show, Majesty Rose had the pressure of leading off the show. She discusses that nervousness and why she decided to introduce herself to voters with an up-tempo performance.

I only had a couple seconds with Jena Irene, but she talks below about performing an original song in her key Thursday performance and jokes about the confusion about her first name. [It's pronounced “Gina.”]

Kristen O'Connor also faced the pressure of singing for her life on Thursday. She discusses that and also her time balancing singing and nursing.

Finally, I had to share Emily Piriz with a couple other reporters, but she talks about Harry Connick Jr's criticisms of her song choice and more. 

Check back tonight for my “American Idol” live-blog.