Anna Kendrick’s #1 fan is Amy Schumer

Such a fan of Amy Schumer. Not only has she killed it on every episode of her brilliant Comedy Central sketch series, she's also proven her live chops as one of the best roasters in the biz. Did you hear Judd Apatow directed her upcoming movie? Big things are happening.

Another sign of Schumer's growing prominence is her stint as host of this year's MTV Movie Awards, which is kind of like the Oscars but without all that dull prestige-y stuff. The first promo for the show is truly laugh-out-loud! Just watch as a wild-eyed Amy startles a skittish Anna Kendrick, and then startles her again and again, repeatedly. And then ambushes her into doing that “Cups” routine. It's a gem.

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards airs on Sunday, April 12.