It Sounds Like Angelina Jolie May Be Joining Marvel’s Next Big Superhero Team-Up Movie

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For a brief moment, early reports indicated that Angelina Jolie was on Marvel Studios’ shortlist for potential Captain Marvel directors. This obviously didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean that Kevin Feige and company forgot all about the superstar actress and filmmaker. Hence Wednesday’s late item from The Hollywood Reporter indicating that Jolie was apparently in talks to star in the comic book movie powerhouse’s forthcoming cosmic team-up The Eternals.

Per THR, Jolie is reportedly in discussions to star in Chinese director Chloe Zhao’s (The Rider) upcoming cinematic take on the Jack Kirby-created swathe of massively powerful (and ancient) Celestials, which have been referenced in previous Marvel Studios films:

While details about the movie are being kept under wraps, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that one aspect to the story involves the love story between Ikaris, a man fueled by cosmic energy, and Sersi, who relishes moving amongst humans. It is unclear who Jolie will play. Marvel had no comment.

Obviously, this is only speculation at the moment. Since 2016, nobody at Marvel has even been willing to comment on, let alone confirm, the existence of any planning for a potential Eternals film. Since the release of Captain Marvel, however, Feige has acknowledged or referenced the property in multiple interviews. Should Jolie decide to join the project, however, it would definitely help to elevate an otherwise largely obscure property in the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)