Angelina Jolie’s Vogue cover will make you beg for forgiveness

Here is screen icon Angelina Jolie. She's on the cover of the new Vogue. In the issue, she discusses her husband, her philanthropy, and the movie she just wrote and directed, “By the Sea.” Again, here is screen icon Angelina Jolie.

I mean, how. What. How do you comprehend this cover? She is a tomb-raiding, earth-mothering Helen of Troy. 

Just a couple questions about Angelina Jolie that I hope this issue answers:

What's her directing style? I imagine she watches a scene, waits for the actors to stop and look at her, then says, “Very well” and walks away. 

What is she like as an interviewee? I imagine halfway through she snickers, pulls out a red fedora, and flees the space as the interviewer realizes she is Carmen Sandiego.

Will she have a seventh child? To rule Antarctica?

Anyway, I'll never learn the answers to these because I've melted in front of this cover. If there any survivors, submit these when you can.