What To Expect From (And Why You Should Be Watching) Season Two Of TNT’s ‘Animal Kingdom’

(Possible spoilers for Animal Kingdom seasons one and two.)

Have you been watching Animal Kingdom? You really should be. We called its pilot the start of TNT’s “first genuinely great prestige drama” last year, and now we’re eagerly waiting for its season two premiere next month. For those unfamiliar with the series, it focuses on J Cody (played by Finn Cole of Peaky Blinders) and his strange, blue collar crime family that he gets increasingly wrapped up in when he moves to Southern California. Animal Kingdom features an impressive cast, including Ellen Barkin as Smurf Cody, the hardened matriarch of the family, Scott Speedman as Baz, her adopted son and right hand man, and Shawn Hatosy as Pope, the oldest of the Cody sons.

HitFix host Miri Jedeikin had a chance to sit down with Cole and Hatosy at SXSW to discuss the engrossing crime show and what we can expect from the upcoming season. J and Pope are both dealing with the fallout of season one, and we get to see them and the rest of the Cody boys handling a life where Smurf is no longer the center of their universe. Her life is also turned upside down after she was betrayed and is no longer the fearless leader of the family she built. And of course, there will undoubtedly be plenty of jobs, robberies, and in-fighting to pass the time.

Watch the full video above to find out why you should be watching this show, and be sure to catch the return of TNT’s Animal Kingdom on May 30.